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Founder and Managing Partner

Neil Juneja is a business and intellectual property attorney. He is the founder and managing partner of Gleam Law, a law firm headquartered in Seattle, WA. His impeccable track record and years of experience in the formation, growth, and exit strategies of business throughout the world as well as navigating the complexities of patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Neil has made particular accolades in his cannabis practice helping hundreds of businesses grow from a seed to the mutli-state and multi-national corporations they are today.

Neil founded Gleam Law because he realized other law firms provided legal advice to businesses in a vacuum. He wanted to provide legal decisions in the context of the business world and counsel long-term success, factoring in legal expenses. Other business and intellectual property attorneys are not just risk-adverse in their own practice, but do not have non-legal entrepreneurship experience to advise clients on how to thrive.

As a Seattle cannabis lawyer, Neil represents clients across the legal marijuana, CBD, and hemp industry, and has successfully filed over 800 cannabis trademarks and patent applications. He also represents clients worldwide with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, including utility patents, plant patents, and protection on the Plant Variety Protection Act for hemp strains.

With over 20 years of experience in theatrical lighting, entertainment, and technology industries, Neil understands unique business needs outside of cannabis business law. At Gleam Law, he has become known for his uncanny ability to see through cannabis legislative issues and come up with strategies to help protect his clients’ most valuable assets: their brands, inventions, and businesses. You won’t find a Seattle intellectual property lawyer as diverse as Neil anywhere else!

Neil is a sought-after speaker and trademark law instructor. He is also a member of the Washington Bar, Federal Bar of Washington, United States Patent Bar, and most whiskey bars. Some of his ground-breaking innovations include the registration of the first cannabis trademark in Mexico, registration of the first cannabis state trademark in Hawaii, representation of the first cannabis patents, and representation of the first Seattle cannabis retail store.

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