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Global Top 200 Cannabis Lawyers – Published by Cannabis Law Report & Cannabis Law Journal

We do not rank cannabis lawyers in our directory, rather, we want to let you know which lawyer(s) are the best first port of call for a particular state, jurisdiction or country and inform you of their specialist knowledge concerning cannabis the law & regulation.

Cannabis Law Report has been covering the law of cannabis and legal issues on a daily basis for the last 5 years and we want to pass on our knowledge at no cost to those looking for a cannabis legal specialist anywhere in the world.

At this site you will find

  • Our editorially selected “Global Top 200 Cannabis Lawyers
  • Other specialist financial, medical / adult use cannabis, hemp, CBD  lawyers that have requested to be listed (Commended Lawyers Section)

We make it easy to search lawyers by location and by skills and provide as much background material on that attorney to help you make an informed choice prior to opening a conversation.

Sean Hocking

Head of News – Co-Founder

Sean has worked in the legal publishing industry for 25 years

In the late 80’s and early 90’s he worked for Law Book Company & Point of Law In Sydney. On moving to London he worked for Legalease UK ( the creator of the Legal 500 series, the law awards concept & Legal Business magazine) as their international print media sales director.

On returning to Australia in 1998  Sean created Australia’s first independent online legal news website for legal information professionals , Excata.com. This platform was  subsequently sold to Lexis Nexis and Sean was hired to manage the Lexis Nexis’ then new online team for legal media and awards. On leaving the company in late 2001 he subsequently launched the publication Law Librarians News and the website Practicesource.com