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Minardi Law is currently working on multiple cases aimed at protecting patients rights to use cannabis.  In McKeon vs. Nova Southeastern University, the firm has filed a complaint against the school alleging it discriminated against Mrs. McKeon by expelling her for using her cannabis, off site.  Mrs. McKeon had suffered from her illness with no cure and very little relief until she found cannabis  Her dream to be a nurse to help others like they had helped her was derailed when she tested positive during a routine drug test.  The case is pending in Broward County Florida.

Minardi Law also recently filed a lawsuit against Hillsborough County for suspending a fire fighter for testing positive for cannabis.  Mr. Giambrone was suspended without pay for testing positive on a random uranalysis.  His job performance was always stellar and there was no indication he was using during work hours.  The case is pending in Hillsborough County Florida.

The firm also represents Larry Friedrich in Brevard County who was arrested for possessing and selling hemp products prior to Florida enacting its current hemp laws.  Minardi Law is arguing that the Supremacy Clause to the United States Constitution and Commerce Clause allowed him to purchase legally compliant hemp and sell it in Florida.  The arresting agency considers it illegal cananbis and charging him with felony possession and sale. The arrest was made and criminal charges were filed against Mr. Friedrich only after he filed a lawsuit against the city, police department and State Attorney.  The Firm continues to be on the forefront of cannabis reform and protecting peoples rights in Florida.

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