João Taborda da Gama – Gama Gloria

Founding Partner

João Gama is a founding partner of Gama Glória, a law firm based in Lisbon, and a senior advisor of the Albright Stonebridge Group, in Washington DC. João advises global companies, governments, patients and NGOs on the regulation, use, production and trade of controlled substances in medical, religious, spiritual or recreational contexts.

João has successfully advised companies obtaining licenses to cultivate GACP medical cannabis and to produce GMP medical cannabis extracts, as well as securing a marketing authorization for the first registered medical cannabis product in Portugal. He advises on all aspects of the cannabis supply chain, including on international trade and transit, business combinations and taxation, and the CBD / Hemp market. João is a counsel to organizations advocating for harm reduction and the responsible adult use of cannabis and psychedelics.

A regular speaker on narcotics regulations and drug policy around the world, João published “The Regulation of Medical Cannabis in Portugal” (Brazil, 2019). He is affiliated with the Law School of the Portuguese Catholic University, where he has been teaching a course on the Regulation of Controlled Substances. João has served as a political advisor to the President of Portugal and was a member of the Portuguese Government.



Address & Contacts


Rua Alexandre Herculano, 38 – 4 1250-011 Lisboa – Portugal


38.722518570929, -9.1501826529942