Jeffrey Hoffman

Founding Partner

Jeffrey is a cannabis attorney and legalization activist with over 25 years of experience starting, operating, advising, and selling businesses. His legal practice focuses entirely on cannabis, including licensees in the adult-use cannabis market, patients and practitioners in the medical cannabis space, and cannabis adjacent product and service providers.

He has a particular interest in justice involved individuals as well as social and economic equity cannabis license applicants. In this capacity, he aids cannabis prisoners in gaining their freedom and assists those convicted of cannabis offenses in getting such convictions expunged from their record.

Cannabis Attorney Information

  • Jeffrey and Kathleen Redpath-Perez were the attorneys that secured Humberto Ramirez’s freedom from prison in New Jersey. Humberto was one of the three prisoners on Last Prisoner Project’s list.
  • Jeffrey, along with fellow attorneys, is leading the pending appeals from New Yorkers convicted of cannabis offenses to make the conservative parts of the state follow the law when it comes to expunging their records.
  • Jeffrey has dozens of clients across the value chain in New York’s cannabis industry and is a leading voice in educating the public about what is happening in the state.
  • Cannabis Law Journal “New York’s Journey to Cannabis Legalization and Licensing


Address & Contacts


200 W. 81st St. #41, New York New York 10024


40.7845185, -73.9777551