Settle Your Dispute Early With Anodyne Alternative Dispute Resolution

Lisa Pittman

I specialize in cannabis business law.

If your dispute involves marijuana or hemp law, I have a decade of cannabis law and industry experience. Since 2015, I have represented governmental entities, businesses, and investors in every part of the cannabis supply chain, all over the country and the world. I spent 2 years in Colorado under the 2014 Farm Bill and marijuana legalization heyday.

I have seen just about every type of fraudulent situation and I understand the complexity and interplay of the conflicting laws. I also understand the unique financial challenges and obstacles faced by cannabis businesses.

I have conducted several trials in Texas on behalf of hemp businesses. I am uniquely qualified to mediate cannabis business disputes because I have actual business trial experience coupled with a widespread working knowledge of cannabis law.

In 2020, I earned the National Law Journal 2020 Trailblazer Award for Cannabis Law, and the Texas Lawyer Trailblazer Award. That year, I was appointed to the Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner’s Industrial Hemp Advisory Council and to Rice University’s Baker Institute of Public Policy’s Drug Policy Program as a Non-Resident Fellow. I created and Chaired the American Bar Association’s Cannabis Law and Policy Committee, and put on its first marijuana law CLE in 2017. I write and speak frequently on cannabis law topics. You can learn more about my legal experience at www.Pittman.Legal.

My decade of pioneering as a cannabis lawyer, combined with my 2.5 decades of business trials, makes me uniquely qualified to cut through the weeds of your business dispute set in the world of conflicting cannabis laws and contrarian players. I know what will make it to a jury and what will not. I know the unusual challenges and burdens cannabis businesses face. Because I will fundamentally understand your case, I can help you quickly solve your problem before the black hole of attorneys’ fees sets in.

I can help you get this done

Alternative Dispute Resolution: refers to two avenues of solving disputes:

  • Mediation: A confidential, non-binding process usually conducted with an independent mediator who evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the dispute, facilitates discussion between parties, and proposes a resolution or a binding settlement of the dispute. It usually occurs in a single day and the costs are fixed and always less than litigation. Mediation also allows for more creative resolutions than litigation would.
  • Arbitration: Typically a binding, formal process that is similar to but replaces the full trial process, often with a panel of three chosen people to serve as private judges in your case. This can be less expensive than trial and keeps the dispute out of the public eye. Arbitration is also helpful in cannabis cases where contracts can be voided for being contrary to federal law. It is quite likely a contract governing your dispute contains an arbitration clause requiring you to arbitrate.


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